You’re only a failure if you stop trying…

•May 9, 2011 • 1 Comment

I am a classically trained clarinetist with a Master Degree in Music Education. I moved from Pennsylvania to California 3 years ago to start my career as a Music Educator in public schools. Unfortunately, due to the state budget and my line of work, unemployment has hit hard.

I hope this blog enables me to become creative in music. I have always been able to play whatever was put in front of me, but creating something from scratch has always been difficult. So I try, again, to expand myself.

I have had countless blogs and youtube channels with no success. This time I hope to dig deep into my musical roots, meld them with my digital media experiments, and create something I can be proud of.

Stick around to hear the good, bad, and ugly.


Party Exit MP3  One of the first mixes I have done.

Trial and Error MP3  This one came to me after surfing.

Daughter  Features spoken word poet Sarah Kay from the March 2011 TED Conference.